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  • Energy
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Muscle Repair
  • Recovery

Helps to minimize the impact of exercise on muscles

ENDURANCE stimulates soft tissue repair during and after exercise and promotes faster recovery of energy levels. Help minimize both physical and mental fatigue. We call this the 'maintenance' Formula. Maximize your performance, increase your endurance and speed up your recovery by taking ENDURANCE at regular intervals through out your exercise, training or racing. ENDURANCE can also be used throughout labor to help minimize soft tissue trauma, relieve anxiety and speed up recovery.

Customer review

quoteI used ENDURANCE every 45 minutes and rode very smoothly throughout - no bad spells at all - perhaps we should relabel ENDURANCE as 'Forever Young'."

Charles Bruce (UK Veteran 24 Hour Cycle Champion 1998 on missing his personal best time by 50 seconds, 27 years after setting it)

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Benefits and Uses for Endurance:

Extensive trials in some of the worlds toughest endurance events show the most noticeable effects include the significant decrease in muscle pain, and a marked increase in recovery rate both physically and mentally when used at regular intervals.

ENDURANCE is invaluable during labor. Give it to your partner to spray into your mouth when the going gets tough as often as you need it. It can help relieve anxiety, decrease muscle weakness and will minimize soft tissue damage aiding recovery. A few doses in the days following labour will help with the tiredness caused by lack of sleep.

HCH Formulas: Endurance


ENDURANCE should be taken regularly throughout any activity. For intense exercise, during competition, hard or prolonged training and racing, take ENDURANCE once every 15-20 minutes. The more intense the exertion, repeat more frequently. For longer events which are more endurance than aerobic, one spray every hour.

Activities such as hiking or backpacking, one dose every 1-2 hours is sufficient