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  • Lifts Energy
  • Stimulate Mental Focus
  • Aid Recovery

REVIVE can lift your energy when you hit a low and help you refocus mentally when you have pushed yourself hard.

Help your system cope with the physical and mental onset of exhaustion, when you get that 'hit the wall' feeling. REVIVE is useful in situations of physical or mental depletion either from physical exertion, or long periods of concentrating. It can save your race on the day but can also help with that tired mid-afternoon feeling during long hours of physical work or from sitting in front of a computer screen.

Customer review

quoteREVIVE had the capacity to make you feel light and alert, long enough to get us underway when we were just about to collapse from extreme fatigue after a violent effort, or suffering weakness from extreme cold or intense heat."

Eric Billoud (Southern Traverse, Eco Challenge, Coast to Coast)

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Benefits and Uses for Revive:

REVIVE picks you up when you hit the wall. Formulated to be used on demand when the going gets tough. It helps speed up the absorption of your hydration and electrolyte replacement. Lifting you out of that low and helping you refocus more quickly. Use REVIVE when you 'Hit the Wall'.

REVIVE is often used in combination ENDURANCE. Where ENDURANCE is taken regularly to promote continual soft tissue recovery, REVIVE kicks in when concentration starts to waiver and energy is at a low ebb.

While ENDURANCE helps maintain - REVIVE will help restore.

REVIVE can help you lift you out of that afternoon low and help you mentally refocus on the task at hand without the use of stimulants.

Let REVIVE help you through those long hours of study. It is great around exam time when the pressure is on. If you need to pull an all nighter cramming then REVIVE can help you through without using caffeine or stimulants.

Use REVIVE along-side Anti Jet-Lag after a long flight to help you regain and maintain mental clarity. Perfect when traveling on business to help you focus through those meetings straight off the plane.

HCH Formulas Revive


Take one spray of REVIVE under the tongue when starting to feel mentally or physically stretched. The formula may have to be repeated every five to 15 minutes to feel the maximum effect, or repeat as needed.