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  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Drowsiness
  • Difficulty Concentrating

Stay awake without the use of stimulants

Use SLEEP MONSTER when you're sleep deprived to help combat drowsiness and remain awake when it counts. Whether you are sleep deprived from irregular or long work hours, driving long distance, or taking part in any activity which keeps you going through the night - SLEEP MONSTER can help keep you awake without the use of stimulants.

Customer review

quoteSLEEP MONSTER was great for dealing with sleep deprivation."

New Zealand skier Angus Rose (after 24 hours non-stop skiing in the Aspen 24 Hour World Endurance Skiing Championships in Colorado

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Benefits and Uses for SLEEP MONSTER:

During multi-day events where sleep deprivation is a major hurdle, the original SLEEP MONSTER formula can help keep you up on your feet and moving on the course. SLEEP MONSTER combats drowsiness and disorientation without the use of stimulants

SLEEP MONSTER can be useful for anyone who has to spend days on the go. It alleviates that 'can't keep your eyes open' feeling. Help limit the use of stimulants and caffeine during your shift work, long days on the road, or working at nights.

HC Formulas Sleep Monster


Take one dose of SLEEP MONSTER under the tongue at the onset of symptoms and repeat every 10-15 minutes or as needed.