HCH Formulas

A range of natural sprays to support today's fast paced life style.

We would like to introduce you to our range of natural formulas which have been in use since 1995.

If a lack of performance is stopping you from achieving your goals, let us help you with maintaining energy levels, improving mental clarity, boosting physical endurance, promoting faster recovery and stopping cramp. Support your lifestyle the natural way without drugs or stimulants.

HCH Formulas were the first in New Zealand to develop the use of this light weight sprayer application for a homeopathic formula. Easy to use, light to carry and perfect for use on the go.

CrampstopEnduranceReviveanti Jet-Lag
Sam Clark


1st placed Open Man 2009 Speights Coast to Coast 2 day event (and at 18 the youngest ever to do so), 14th place 2010 Speights Coast to Coast Longest day "weather bomb" (Cramp-Stop got me through the 130km Cycle Ride), 3rd place 2010 Motu Challenge

"I learnt early on in my racing that cramp can set in without warning. In 2009 cramp nearly crippled me over Goat Pass, which is why I always carry a bottle of Cramp Stop in my back pocket.

Why risk it? You carry spare tubes for your bike, why not something for your legs too?

For me it's assurance that should cramp strike, I can quickly knock it on the head and focus on whats important; My race."

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Support for your lifestyle naturally by using our range of effective formulas:

Star Drug and Stimulant Free (non-drug formulation): Each formula is made up of natural homeopathic substances which will not interact with any other medication
Star Non-addictive and no side effects: Each formulation works specifically on the targeted symptoms only when they are present in the body. There can be no chemical dependency. Homeopathic remedies do not create side effects
Star Fast Acting: The oral spray application allows immediate absorption targeting symptoms quickly. HCH Formulas was the first company in New Zealand to develop the use of sprayer bottles to dispense their homeopathic formulas
Star Lightweight easy to use: Comes in a convenient 25ml spray bottle, perfect for use on the go or at night
Star Good Safety Profile: Manufactured by internationally recognised ISO 9001:2000 quality standards
Star Can be used in professional sports: HCH formulas do not contain banned substances